Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time!!!

I love summertime!!!

It's the greatest time of the year!

I love being home with my children!

So far this summer we've had a lot of fun doing things around the house, getting together with friends, going to swimming lessons, playing in the water, etc! We've had a blast. Aurora even passed her Learn to Swim I class and is now in Learn to Swim II. Spencer and Miriam are still in the Preschool I class, but I hope that next summer they'll be able to progress onto Preschool II. We'll see what happens. Brianna is their swim teacher for this second set of lessons and they both do a much better job of listening to her. Miriam, of course, tries to follow after whatever Spencer is doing!

Tomorrow, we're going to wash the car in the morning and then have a water balloon fight tomorrow night! It's going to be a blast! The kids will love it!!! The question is, Do I tell Brad about it before so he can come prepared, or do we just surprise him?

Love Always,


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