Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time!!!

I love summertime!!!

It's the greatest time of the year!

I love being home with my children!

So far this summer we've had a lot of fun doing things around the house, getting together with friends, going to swimming lessons, playing in the water, etc! We've had a blast. Aurora even passed her Learn to Swim I class and is now in Learn to Swim II. Spencer and Miriam are still in the Preschool I class, but I hope that next summer they'll be able to progress onto Preschool II. We'll see what happens. Brianna is their swim teacher for this second set of lessons and they both do a much better job of listening to her. Miriam, of course, tries to follow after whatever Spencer is doing!

Tomorrow, we're going to wash the car in the morning and then have a water balloon fight tomorrow night! It's going to be a blast! The kids will love it!!! The question is, Do I tell Brad about it before so he can come prepared, or do we just surprise him?

Love Always,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah for Summer Vacation

Well, it's finally here!!! Summer Vacation!!!

Things are going really well! The kids have all enjoyed their break so far, we've been off a week already! In a week and a half, the kids start swim lessons for the month of June! My girls are very excited, but my boy says he doesn't want to take swim lessons. I'm pretty sure he'll be singing a different tune by the time swim lessons start when the girls get in the water and he doesn't!

I can't believe that Aurora is 6 now! It seems like yesterday that she was a brand new little baby! She's so responsible and so helpful! I love how she knows what her responsibilities are and most of the time she takes care of them without me having to ask or remind her of what she needs to do!!! I love having set routines and schedules! I bought playdough for the kids to play with this summer and Aurora is probably the most excited out of my kids for it!

Spencer is almost 5 as well, next Wednesday! Holy cow, where has the time gone! He's grown up so much! I know that behaviorly he struggled at school this year, but he has come so far! Every summer I try and work with him to help him get a little better at it, and so far this is the best start to the summer! Routines have been consistent for him and he knows what's coming. I don't even need to tell him most of the time. Unfortunately, I think he likes the tv a little too much though, but he's done really well at not just watching tv all day!

Miriam is such a sweetheart! I love how she loves to cuddle! Any chance she gets, she'll be in your arms! My older two aren't that way. Aurora has always been independent and Spencer is well, Spencer! I am truly blessed to have Miriam as one of my children! What an amazing gift from Heavenly Father!!! (as are all children)!

Even though my children are all enjoying their summer, I think that they're missing the social interaction of playing with other kids! I'll have to see what I can do to get some playdates set up for them to still be able to play with other kids during the summer. Though they are definitely looking forward to the time we're in Idaho so they can play with their cousins. Aurora wanted to pack and leave the instant we were walking out of the school on our last day! She was very put out when I told her we weren't leaving for Idaho yet!

Love you all!


Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

A lot has happened to the Christensen Family over the last year. There have been a lot of big changes. But thankfully, my children are doing really well and so am I!!!

A., S., and M. are all having fun playing with the toys they got for Christmas whether from family and friends or from Santa. Thank you to everyone that made our Christmas so special!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Blog

Hey all,

I've just started a new blog that is specific for my kids and myself. I hope you all enjoy!!! Happy Holidays!